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When words fall out of my mouth like pearls falling in the moonlight
  they sound like poetry.
 How can i control them when i was born in a dead generation.
Where people say what they dont mean and mean what they dont say.
Where social media and technology matter more than relationships.
Where people fake their lives just to impress the crowd.
Where materials matter more than actual happiness.
Where shame is displayed with pride.
Where  people cover their phones more than their bodies.
Where people protect their image but not their souls.
Where deception is a replica of the truth.
Where kindness is a weakness and arrogance is strength.
Where love is a game and hearts are a playground.
Where colour,race and creed divides people.
Where other lives matter more than others.
Where religion divides people instead of uniting them.

A generation where love died
A generation with no pride of its culture and heritage.
A generation cursed by what is supposed to bless it.
A generation where peop…
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Friends are the family we get to choose for ourselves or what we call it nowadays our “tribe”. It is very important to choose our friends wisely because they have an influence on certain aspects of our lives like our morals and social behaviour. The company you keep reflects who you are as an individual and what you stand for. Some people might judge you based on your friends, if they see your friends they see you. Below are some types of friends everyone should avoid :
The control freakThat one friend who wants everything done their way. They have a better opinion on everything and you have to agree with them all the time. When you don’t do what they want it turns into a fight. The moment they feel like you cannot be controlled they get mad and want to control how others view you. This is a toxic type of friends which you do not need around you if you want a drama free life.

The competitorThe one who doesn’t want to see you do better than them. They actually pretend to be happy for you…


I am not the most organised person and I have never felt the need to be until recently. It all started with a late night and an early morning.Woke up half sleepy with a zombie face, feeling like I had been smashed by a car. I had a lecture to attend  and being late was not an option. To make everything worse nothing was in order.  I decided to sit down and write my organised daily routine : 

       SET UP AN ALARM If you are a heavy sleeper or you had a late night make use of the alarm to wake you up just in time. It is normal to be caught up in a movie, work or on social networks and lose track of time. These things might happen even if we had planned an early night. To be on the safe side you can set up an alarm to help you get it together in the morning. 

I am a very  choosy person  when it comes to what I wear. I'm not worried about my looks but I know my outfit gives an impression about me before I open my mouth. So why not let the cloth…

Summer Emotions

Summer is upon us and I feel like I'm drowning in a stream of mixed emotions. Honestly, I love this kind of weather but then I get tired quickly. When it gets too hot I instantly want to curl myself up in a mid - winter day. Hahaha!  Its crazy right? When I think of how I used to miss my energetic summer days and I never had a chance to see the sun in a cloudy unfriendly winter day. I snap back into my summer mood, mesmerised by the beauty of all the bright colours. I get to escape reality in the deep dungeon of my imagination. What if I was a bird singing on a summer morning? What if I had wings, would I fly as far as I think or I would be limited by fear of the unknown?

I get carried away in my thoughts. With a pen and a notebook in my hand I create a universe of undiscovered happiness and peace. How can I unravel this into reality. Only a summer day can make my mind run this wild. I can't stop myself from falling in love with my surroundings. I always feel good on a summer…